Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article. Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Verify the file is formatted correctly [version 7 ]  
  2. If the import file is large (i.e. >300 rows), split it into two or more smaller CSV files and import each file separately 
  3. Verify the Source field contains valid entries and that they are available for use in journal entry [ version 7 ] The Journal Reference field is limited to 50 characters.  
    • If the post file is generated from The Raiser's Edge, verify the Journal Reference fields in The Raiser's Edge are 50 characters or less, including spaces [ version 7 ].  
    • If the post file is created from another source check the field length to ensure it does not the maximum. 
  4. If the post file was opened Excel, verify the field formatting is correct:  
    1. Open the file in Excel if needed 
    2. Highlight the column with the data that is listed as invalid or as an exception 
    3. Select Format, Cells from the menu bar  
      • Format Dates as a data type of Date 
      • Numbers as Numbers 
      • Currency as Numbers with 2 decimal places 
      • Tables of numbers beginning with zero must be formatted as Text. Excel drops the leading zero in a number field 
    4. Select File, Save As from the menu bar and save the file as .CSV
      Note: Open the file in a plain text editor, such as Notepad to verify the field formatting is not lost and check for issues. 
  5. Remove any spaces other characters in the fields that are not on the record they are referencing in the program.
    For example, if a project name is "Project 1" but is listed in the import file as "Project 1 " with a space after the 1, the file will not import. Since this project ID is exactly 9 characters including the space between Project and 1, adding the space at the end makes it 10 and the file is no longer valid. You can use a formula to check the field length to determine if extra spaces exist. 
  6. Remove any commas from fields such as the Journal Reference. A comma in a CSV file denotes the end of a field and therefore divides your field into two field

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