Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

If the gifts were entered in a batch, globally delete the committed gifts and recommit the batch. For instructions, refer to BB13216.

If the gifts were not committed from a batch, use Import instead:

    • Create a gift query of the pledges that the gifts will be applied to.
    • Sort the query by constituent import ID.
    • Use the query to create a gift export (CSV format) to export the gift import ID and the constituent import ID, which will be used to match the pledges with the correct pledge payments.
    • Create a second query of the cash gifts that will become pledge payments.
    • Sort the query by constituent import ID.
    • Use this query in a second gift export (CSV format) to export the constituent import ID and gift import ID of the pledge payments.
    • After exporting to Excel, both export spreadsheets should be sorted by constituent import ID; if not, sort the spreadsheets by the column for constituent import ID.
    • Copy the column for the pledge gift import ID (from the first export) into the spreadsheet of the pledge payment export so that the cash gifts will be matched up with the correct pledges

      Note: This only works if:

      • Both spreadsheets are sorted by the constituent import ID
      • There is only one cash gift for each pledge
      • Each pledge has a corresponding cash gift in the pledge payment import

      If any of these items are not true, the pledges from the pledge export file and the gifts from the pledge payment export file will not line up. If this is the case, you can import the files as tables in Access and link them there. For instructions refer to How to import into a table for an Access database (BB186362). If you need further assistance, consult a qualified computer technician.


      • Save the spreadsheet (or access database) in CSV format.
      • Within The Raiser's Edge, create a new Pledge Payment Import.
      • Mark the option to update existing records using the Import ID.
      • Browse to the CSV file that contains the pledge import IDs and the pledge payment import IDs.
      • On the Fields tab, map the pledge import ID to Pledge Payment-Gift Link; map the pledge payment import ID to Pledge Payment-Gift Import ID. The column for constituent import ID will not be mapped.
      • Validate and then import the changes to update the cash gifts so they will be applied to the pledges. After updating the gifts, the gift type will be changed to Pay-Cash so the original Cash gifts will not need to be deleted.