The Solicitor Performance Analysis report tracks solicitor performance and goals. It provides a list of solicitors, their assignments, the amount they have raised, and if they are above or below their goals.

  1. In Reports, select Solicitor Performance Analysis from the list of Analytical Reports.
  2. Select the appropriate options in each tab.
  3. Click Print or Preview to run the report.
Note: How to enter a solicitor goal BB199316
Note: Currently there is no way to track Unspecified Solicitor Goals BB750427

How does the report process?

In this example, we used the following three constituents:

  • Ashton Jones is a solicitor for the Campaign for Excellence with a goal of $10,000 and the Annual Campaign with a goal of $5,000.
  • Michael Harold is a constituent. Ashton Jones is marked as an Assigned Solicitor on Michael's Solicitor tab. Michael has given $500 to the Annual Campaign with Ashton Jones indicated as the solicitor. He has also given $50 to the Capital Campaign for Excellence, but Ashton Jones was not a solicitor for this gift.
  • Peter Howard is marked as a solicitor, but he is not assigned to anyone. Ashton Jones is his assigned solicitor, but Peter Howard has not given any gifts. 

Following are the parameters selected for the report:

  • On the General tab, all records are included, and we include all dates. The report type is Detail.
  • On the Filters tab, Include All is selected for each option.
  • On the Solicitors tab, mark the checkboxes next to Ashton Jones and Peter Howard. Therefore, Ashton and Peter will be the only solicitors on the report.
  • On the Gift Types tab:
    • Column 1 is named Cash and includes All Cash.
    • Column 2 is named Stock and includes All Stock.
    • Column 3 is named Pledge and includes All Pledges.
  • None is selected on the Ind. Address and Org. Address tabs.
  • On the Format tab, the following was selected:
    • Include non-givers
    • Include solicitors with no activity
    • Totals Only was selected under Gift Reporting
    • Detailed is selected under Report Type

Following is an example of the resulting report:



Ashton Jones  

Michael Harold 500.00   
Peter Howard No Gifts to List   
 500.00 0.00 0.00
50.00% (1 out of 2) gave/pledged    

Total Raised:

Peter Howard    
No Activity Found
Totals for All Solicitors500.00 0.00 0.00
50.00% (1 out of 2 gave/pledged    
Goal: $1,500.00    
Total Raised: $500.00    
Over/(Under) ($1000.00)    

On the far left, the solicitor's name appears in bold. Underneath is a list of constituents he or she is assigned to solicit. The first solicitor in this report is Ashton Jones. She is assigned to Michael Harold and Peter Howard.

The Cash, Stock, and Pledge columns, set up on the Gift Types tab, list cash, stock, and pledge gifts separately.

The solicitor must be assigned to each constituent and selected as a solicitor for each gift for the gift to appear in the report.

1.Ashton Jones 
 Michael Harold500.00

The above entry shows that Michael Harold has given a cash gift of $500. The other $50 gift Michael gave to the Capital Campaign for Excellence does not show up because Ashton Jones was not marked as a solicitor for this particular gift.

2.Ashton Jones 
 Peter HowardNo Gifts to List

The above entry shows that Peter Howard has 'No Gifts to List'. Ashton Jones is selected as an assigned solicitor on Peter Howard's record. However, Peter Howard has not given any gifts with Ashton Jones marked as the solicitor.

50.00% (1 out of 2) gave/pledged  
Goal:   1,500.00  
Total Raised:   500.00   
Over/(Under)   (1,000.00)  

This section shows the total giving per solicitor. This shows that Ashton Jones is an assigned solicitor for two constituents. Of these two constituents, one gave a gift; therefore 50% of the constituents she is assigned to solicit has given a gift. The next field displays