Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:

  1. Change the file format to comma separated values (CSV) 
  2. If the export data file path is long, create a folder on the root of C:\ to use as the export location. 
  3. Remove any invalid characters from any of the folders in the export file path or the file name. 
    • Examples of invalid characters are an apostrophe ('), comma (,), bracket ([]), french brackets ({}), etc.

Note: Sometimes, the IT Department may have a Group Policy that redirects the folder to which the export is saved, for example, they may redirect the My Documents folder to another location. If so, check with your IT department to ensure the path to the redirected folder or the name of the redirected folder does not contain an invalid character.


  1. If not exporting directly from a query, include all query fields in the export
  2. Grant Local Administrator rights for the user
  3. Change the query format to static and re-export
  4. Exit and sign out of the program, then log back in and export again
  5. Recreate the query from scratch
  6. Export in CSV format