Suppose you want a report showing all of your Board Members and the gifts they gave this year grouped by quarter. Or, you need a report listing each of the Volunteers and their birth date grouped by month. By grouping on a date field, you can create such reports. When you group on a date field, you must enter the intervals in which you want to create the date groups (monthly, quarterly, daily, etc.).

To create groups based on dates:

  1. In the Design window, select Insert, Group from the menu bar. The Insert Groups screen appears.
  2. Select the date field by which you want to group in the first available field.
  3. Select an order in the second available field.
  4. In the third field, select the interval with which you want the groups to occur, then click OK. Your choices are:


For each dayFor each month
For each weekFor each quarter
For each two weeksFor each half year
For each half monthFor each year


Following is an example of a report including constituents and their gifts grouped by quarter. Notice the group name is the first month of the quarter represented.


Michael J. Simpson$19,636.0 1/10/95
Harrison Industries, Inc.$1,550.00 1/15/95
Jonathon A. Harrison$200,500. 2/24/95
Jonathon P. Ashley$5,650.00 5/25/95
Jonathon P. Ashley$5,650.00 5/30/95
Jonathon P. Ashley$5,650.00 6/12/95

To group on multiple Date fields:
  1. Create a new formula based on the desired criteria. For example, if comparing two date fields to the First Quarter of the year:
    • If ({1_Date} in Calendar1stQtr or {2_Date} in Calendar1stQtr) then "Quarter 1"
  2. Insert a new group on the formula created above