In the Employee module, payroll is calculated for all employees. You can calculate payroll for an individual employee on the Activity tab of his record, or for all or selected employees from the File menu. When you post to General Ledger, journal entries for each calculation are combined into a batch and posted to General Ledger or an export post file. An example of journal entries for a payroll calculation are listed below:

Payroll Calculation:  
Salaries Expensex 
Miscellaneous Expense (Other Pay)*x 
Federal Tax Withholding x
Social Security Tax x
Medicare Tax x
Employee Benefits (Red/Ded)* x
Payroll Checking Account x
Employer Entries   
Social Security Expensex 
Medicare Expensex 
FUTA Expensex 
SUTA - Expense x
Social Security Liability x
Medicare Liability x
FUTA Liability x
SUTA Liability x

*Set up reductions, deductions, and other pays in Configuration. You can then attach them to individual employee records.