Vendors can be removed from the search screens by purging them.


1.  In Accounts Payable> Query> click New> Vendor, Dynamic.
2.  On the Criteria tab> expand Vendor> double-click to select Status> change the Operator from 'equals' to 'does not equal'> select 'Inactive'.
3.  On the Output tab> highlight Status> click Remove at the bottom.
4.  Still on the Output tab> expand Vendor> select Vendor Name and Vendor ID.
5.  Still on the Output tab> expand Addresses> City, State/Province, and Alias.
6.  Use the blue arrows at the bottom to change the order back to the default (what you're accustomed to seeing): Vendor name, Alias, Vendor ID, City, State/Province.
7.  Select File> Save to save the Query and then close it.
8.  Select Records> Vendors> click the binoculars next to the search field for 'Search for a Vendor by Vendor name'.
9.  At the very top, it reads 'Search using query'.  Click the binoculars in that field value and then select the recently saved Query> click Open.
10.  Click Find Now to load the Vendor list again which will only show the non-Inactive vendors

Note:  This change is User specific, so each FE user will need to make these changes if they'd like to exclude the Inactive Vendors from their searches.  Once the Query is created and added for one user, additional users will only need to complete steps 8-10.

Note:  To change back to the default query, click 'Reset Default Query' on the gray bar at the top of the search window.