1. Run a Gift Detail and Summary Report or a Constituent Giving History Report.
  2. Select the Filters tab.
  3. Filter on the appropriate campaign, fund, or appeal.


  1. Create a query to group together the constituents that are needed. If the goal is to report on all giving to a particular campaign, fund, or appeal, this query should be a constituent query with a filter of Gifts, Campaign (Fund or Appeal), Description equals [the campaign (fund or appeal)].
  2. Create an export and use this query .
  3. Export Summary Information, Gifts, Total Gift Amount. On the Filters tab of the Gift Criteria screen, select the appropriate campaign, fund, or appeal.
  4. On the Gift Types tab, unmark the Use Gift Balance instead of Gift Amount checkbox if the full amount of the pledge should be used.
  5. Export any other information that is necessary.