Text objects are used in reports for a multitude of purposes. They are a powerful way of inserting titles; labeling summaries and other data on your report; and of easily combining database fields. To insert a text object:
  1. Go to Insert, Text Object. An empty object frame appears.

  2. Position the text object where you want it to appear in the report.

    • Click once on the border of the text object to select it for resizing and moving.

    • Double-click inside the text object to select it for editing. The Design Tab ruler changes to a text object ruler sized to the length of the selected object. To the left, a tab indicator appears.

The ruler allows you to add indents and align text within the text object. By clicking the tab indicator, you can cycle through the four tab options available.
Note: When you first insert the text object into the report, the object is automatically selected for editing.