1. Select Tools, User Options from the menu bar
  2. Select the Color Tab
  3. In the left frame, select Legends. In the right frame, click View Relationship Legend. The Legend screen appears.
  4. In the left frame, highlight the appropriate relationship type. In the right
    frame, click the color box or the text, [relationship type] color and the Color Picker screen appears. For example, if Individuals is highlighted in the left frame, in the right frame, either click the colored square or the text, Individuals color.

    Individuals color

  5. In the Color Picker screen, click in the area with the color that you would like

    Color Picker screen

  6. Click OK to close the Color Picker screen
  7. Click OK to close the Legend screen


Right-click in the Relationships window and select Legend. Then follow the steps above starting with step 4.