Please try the following until the issue is resolved:
    • Remove any filters that would cause gifts to be excluded for either the previous year specified in the report or this year. If entering a date range that is not a full year, the LYBUNT or SYBUNT will only evaluate that same date range in the previous year.

      For example: If you enter 01/01/99-02/28/99 as the date range it will include on the report anyone who gave in that same date range in 98.
    • When running a LYBUNT or SYBUNT report, not only are the dates critical but also the funds. The funds need to correspond directly to the year of the LYBUNT or SYBUNT (which is the year before) not the start and end dates.

      For example: 08/01/98-07/31/99 means that you want to find out who did not give this year but gave 08/01/97-07/31/98. The funds you select need to correspond to these later dates as well.
    • Use a constituent query to filter the report. For example, if the report was filtered on specific funds, remove the fund filter and include all funds. Then, create a constituent query and filter on Fund ID equals . Use this query into the report.
    • The LYBUNT or SYBUNT Report shows all constituents who gave last year but not the year that you specify. The gift shown on the report is the last gift that was given regardless to the gift type.
    • If reporting on a soft credit, select Soft Credit to Both.  

    If the issue still occurs, refer to Amounts are incorrect or gifts or constituents are missing when running reports.