If Student Billing shares the same bank with Accounts Payable (in either Accounting for Nonprofits or The Financial Edge), you can create the check at the same time you record the refund. Follow these steps to create the refund and check:

  1. In Student Billing Configuration, select the Preferences tab
  2. Mark the System preferences option and then the Miscellaneous 2 option
  3. Mark the Create a direct disbursement check in Accounts Payable when a refund is issued checkbox
  4. Select a fee to use as the default refund fee from the Fee drop-down list
  5. Verify that Student Billing and Accounts Payable share the same bank record:
    • Accounting for Nonprofits
      1. In Banks, select the Blackbaud Systems tab.
      2. Verify that the Accounts Payable and Student Billing checkboxes on the bank to be used are marked.
    • The Financial Edge
      1. In The Financial Edge, click Banks on the navigation bar.
      2. Select the bank from the drop-down list and click Edit Account Details under General Tasks.
      3. On the Banks tab, ensure that Define cash account(s) is selected on the Accounts Payable line of the grid.
      4. On the Payments tab, select a default printer and mark the Allow checkbox in the grid for the One-Time Checks Transaction Type.
      Note: If both systems do not share the same bank, you can create the refund in Student Billing, but you must manually add the direct disbursement in Accounts Payable.
  6. Open the student's record in Students and select the Activity tab
  7. Click Add and select Refund
    1. Select the correct billing year and refund fee to use
    2. Mark the Create a direct disbursement in Accounts Payable checkbox (This action is inactive if you omit steps 1 and 2)
    3. Mark the Post GL transactions from Accounts Payable checkbox to post the refund from Accounts Payable. Once this checkbox is marked, the post status on the Refund automatically changes to Do Not Post and greys out.
    4. Leave the Post GL transactions from Accounts Payable checkbox unmarked to post the refund from Student Billing. The Direct Disbursement or One-time check in Accounts Payable will have a post status of Do Not Post.
  8. Print the direct disbursement in Accounting for Nonprofits or the one-time check in The Financial Edge.