You determine whether the donor, member, or both receive the membership.

To set it for the membership category:
    • Click Config, Membership Categories  
    • Double-click the membership category to open it or click New Category to add a new one
    • Select the Renewal Information tab
    • In the Renewal Notice Information When There Are Gifts of Membership frame, click in the Send column
    • Click the down arrow and select Donor, Primary Member, or Both

    To override what was set for the membership category for a single membership:
      • Open the appropriate membership record
        • Click Records, Memberships and browse to the appropriate membership

        • Click Records, Constituents. Open the appropriate constituent's record and select the Membership tab
        • Click Gift of Membership 
        • If not already entered, enter the constituent who is giving the gift in the Membership gift from field
        • Mark the Override 'Send To' field(s) in renewal notice schedule option
        • Mark Donor, Primary Member, or Both in the Send renewal notices to field
        • Click OK
        • Click Save and Close

        Note: The Send renewal notices to field is only available when the renewal information is set up for the membership category.