Blackbaud software is not aware of the network medium being used (wired vs. wireless); provided the wireless network is appropriately configured, allowing access to the SQL Server and/or Blackbaud Management Console (BMC) server, Blackbaud software will function over a wireless network.

However, generally speaking, wireless technology cannot deliver the same reliability, speed, and security as its wired counterpart. While it may be convenient to access Blackbaud software via a wireless connection, it is important to realize that doing so may adversely affect the performance of the Blackbaud software. This is due to the client-server architecture it uses and its resulting reliance on network speed and quality.

For troubleshooting network-related connectivity errors and performance issues, Blackbaud Customer Support may request that you connect directly to your organization's wired network and/or disable any wireless networking cards. While Blackbaud will attempt to troubleshoot connectivity issues while on a wireless network, any performance issues resulting from a wireless network will not be addressed and Blackbaud cannot assist with troubleshooting or correcting performance-related issues encountered as a direct result of a wireless network connection.