The Raiser's Edge determines which email address to use by searching the phone grid on the preferred address for an email phone type.  If there is more than one with an email phone type, it selects the email type you entered in the Preference field in Globally Add Records. If the constituent does not have this email type, it selects the first email it finds.

Note: The email address must be in the phone number grid on the preferred address to be considered. The Raiser's Edge does not use emails listed on addresses other than the preferred.

If you need to email to all addresses or to an address other than the preferred:

    • Create a constituent query for all the email addresses and filter on Addresses, All Addresses, Phones, Phone Type one of [all email phone types]*. Add Addresses, All Addresses, Phones, Phone Number to the query output.

      *If only one email phone type exists, use equals instead of one of as the operator


    • Export the query in Excel format by clicking File, Export... from the menu bar

      Note: We normally don't recommend using Query for reporting purposes due to duplicates and the limitations to the formatting. However, in this case, we want each email address on a separate line so we need the "duplicates". (Only the name is duplicated, not the email address.)


    • Copy and paste the column with the email addresses into an email message in your email program


    • Compose and send the email as normal