Export the information out and import it back in.

** This example uses the fields for Place Cards; this will work the same way for Name Tags, with the appropriate fields.
    • Create a participant query and filter on Event Name equals [the name of the event]
    • Click Admin, Import and create a new Participant import.
    • On the General tab, select Create Import File
      • For Options, Include Selected Records and select the participant query created in step 1.
      • Mark the option to Include selected fields in the import file
      • Browse out to the file location where you want the file to be saved and give it a name
      • For the ID Field, use Import ID
      • For the Format, use Delimited
      • For the File Layout tab, leave everything set to the defaults.
      • On the Fields tab, select the following fields:
        • Participants, Event ID
        • Participants, Key Indicator
        • Participants, Participant Import ID
        • Tag/Card, Place Card Status
        • Tag/Card, Print Place Card
        • Click Create Now to create the import file.
        • Open the file in Excel to bring up the Text Import Wizard
          1. Select Delimited and click Next
          2. Mark the options for Comma and unmark the option for Tab
          3. Click Next
          4. Click Finish
        • Updating the print status:When the file opens in Excel, change the entire Place Card Status column from Printed to Not Printed, or vice versa.
        • Updating the print checkbox:When the file opens in Excel, change the entire Print Place Card column from Yes to No, or vice versa.
        • Close and save the file in CSV format.
        • Click Admin, Import and create a new participant import
        • On the General tab,select Update Existing Records and browse out to the import file
        • Leave everything else set to the defaults
        • On the Fields tab, make sure the Fields to Import are mapped correctly with The Raiser's Edge Fields
        • Click Update Now to update the Place Card Status from Printed to Not Printed