To create a mail merge document, follow the steps below. After you create this mask document, you can use it with the Write menu or the Letters tab in your Blackbaud program.

Creating the Merge Document in Microsoft Word

    • In Microsoft Word, select File, New from the menu bar to create a new document.

    • Type the letter, leaving spaces for the merged fields.

    • At the place where you will merge fields from your data file, select Insert, Field from the menu bar.

    • In the Categories box, highlight Mail Merge.

    • In the Field Names box, highlight MergeField.

    • Select MergeField. The word MERGEFIELD appears in the Field Codes box. (Note: The program automatically leaves a space after the word MERGEFIELD.) Place your cursor in the Field Codes box by pressing TAB or clicking once in the field. With the cursor in the Field Codes box, enter the merge field name. Type an identifiable word that defines the meaning of the data field, and click OK. Perform this function for every field you want to merge from your Blackbaud program. Although you may use any word to name the fields, do not include spaces in the name. For example, type Addressee and the following changes appear on the screen:

      The Raiser's Edge 7.5 and higher allows for users to create mail merge documents through the Microsoft Word integration wizard. This can speed up the process of creating mail merge letters. To learn more about this integration process please refer to The Raiser's Edge and Microsoft Office Integration Guide (PDF).