Gifts of membership are memberships in which the primary cardholder is not the individual who pays the membership dues. For example, a constituent may decide to give a gift of membership to his daughter for her birthday. This means the daughter benefits from the membership but is not responsible for the membership dues.

Adding a gift of membership in the constituent record:

  1. Add gift defaults to the membership in Config, Membership Categories.
  2. Open the Membership, go to the Default Settings tab, and select a Gift Default set. (Note: If you do not have a "Membership Gift Default" set, you can skip this step.)
  3. Open the constituent's record receiving the gift.
  4. Click New Membership, Renew, or Rejoin as appropriate.
  5. Click Gift of Membership. The Gift of Membership screen appears.
  6. In the Membership gift from field, click the binoculars to search for the constituent who is purchasing the gift of membership.
  7. If appropriate, enter a message for the gift of membership. For example, if the gift of membership is a birthday present, in the Special message field, enter 'Happy Birthday'.
  8. In the Renewal Notice Information frame, mark Donor to send all renewal notices for this membership to the constituent giving the membership. Mark Primary Member to send all renewal notices to the constituent receiving the membership. Mark both to send renewal notices to both. (Don't see the 'Renewal Notice Information' on the Gift of Membership window? - click here for more information.) 
  9. Click OK. You return to the membership record.
  10. Click Link to Gifts. The Open screen appears.
  11. To add a new gift for the gift of membership, click Add New. The New Gift screen appears.
  12. In the Constituent field, enter the name of the constituent donating the gift of membership. Edit any gift information needed on the gift record. If it is a new gift, click the wording, 'Date Added', on the left side of the status bar.
  13. Click Save and Close to save the gift.
  14. The Amount to Apply to Membership screen appears. Apply the amount you want to the membership record. Click OK.
  15. Click Save and Close to save the gift of membership information.

Adding a gift of membership in a batch:

  1. In Batch, open a batch and add the gift from the donor.
  2. Select Gift, Links, Membership... from the menu bar.
  3. The Link Gift to Membership screen appears. Click the down arrow next to the New Membership link and select New Gift of Membership.

    Link Gift to Membership screen with the down arrow next to the New Membership button circled

  4. Search for the new member and add appropriate membership information.
  5. Enter the rest of the gift information.
  6. Commit the batch as normal.