When exporting the total amount, the query itself only tells the system who to export as it is merely a grouping tool. When you go into Export (as opposed to query) to export the information and you opt to export the Total Gift Amount, a parameter window will pop up asking for filters that determine how this total gift amount will be calculated. Among the things to be considered in calculating the total amount are the following:

1. The date range of the gifts to be used
2. For gifts that have been soft-credited or matched, who should receive credit when calculating the total amount?
3. Are you filtering by any Campaigns, Funds, or Appeals?
4. Which gift types are being selected to calculate the total amount and which options are selected for those gifts (i.e. use gift balance instead of gift amount)? Keep in mind that all of these settings come into play and that each of the selected gift types listed on the Gift Types tab of the parameter setup will be added together. Consider the following example:

Mr. Smith pledges to pay $500. On that $500 Pledge, he pays $250 and then the remaining balance of $250 is written off. Now, export total amount and tell the system to include Pledge, Pay-Cash, and Write Off. Mr. Smith will have $500 ($500 pledge - $250 write-off + $250 payment ) show up as his total gift amount given. Therefore, the parameters must be controlled very specifically to get the desired results. In order to determine if the results are indeed inaccurate, manually add up all of the gift records that appear on a constituent's Gifts tab that meet the parameter criteria chosen when exporting the total amount field as follows: (Note: This includes all of the areas of consideration noted above.)

1. Ensure that the same parameters are used in Export as in Query
2. Remove values from the Start and End Amount fields in the Gifts Criteria screen in Export
3. Examine the export parameters to see exactly which gifts are being selected
4. Manually add up the gifts that meet the examined criteria from step 1. Your results should match if done correctly.