These message may occur if the address field is improperly mapped. It can also occur if using the Constituent Address import with a data file with more than one address mapped.

If there is only one address per line and using the Constituent Address import, review the Fields tab to ensure that only one AddrImpID field is mapped.

If the data file has more than one address per row and the Constituent Address import is being used, use the Constituent import instead. (You can tell that you're in the Constituent Address Import if the only fields available to choose from are Address fields and there is no Extensions column (drop-down with numbers) to the right of the mapped fields.)

If using the Constituent import and these messages occur, review the Extensions column beside the Address fields. Make sure each all the rows/fields that add one address field has a unique Extension number so Import knows they go together. The first address fields can have 00 for its Extension, the second address fields have 01, the third address fields has 02, and so on.