1. Exit and sign out of The Raiser's Edge
  2. Log back in and add the table entry
If that does not correct your issue, then do the following:

If it is the first entry in a table:
  1. Open a constituent record
  2. In the appropriate field, type in the entry to add to the table
  3. Click Yes to prompt to save the entry in the table
  4. Go to Configuration, Tables
  5. Highlight the necessary attribute table
  6. Add new table entries as needed

  1. Sign in as Supervisor (or user with rights to Admin, Security)
  2. Add a table entry
  3. Go to Administration, Security
  4. Open the security group that the trouble user belongs to
  5. Unmark Code Tables
  6. Sign out and log back in as user
  7. Click Administration, Security to reopen it
  8. Mark Code Tables
  9. Sign out and log back in as the trouble user
  10. Add a table entry