The following directions describe replacing a test database with the live database. This process can also be used to replace the live database with a test database.
  1. Have all users Exit and Sign out of the database
  2. Detach the current database from the Blackbaud Management Console
  3. Move these database files to another location. You can create a sub-directory within the same folder and place the database files in that sub-directory
  4. Place the new database files in the same directory. Database files downloaded from FTP or sent on a CD are normally contained in a single, compressed Zip file. Be sure to extract all files from the Zip file.
  5. Attach the new database to the Blackbaud Management Console
NOTE: If your organization's database is hosted by Blackbaud, have your primary Raiser's Edge or hosting contact fill out the Authorization Form. Once this is filled out, Contact Support and reference this article.