Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. If using a query on the General tab of the report, confirm it includes the correct records

  2. Verify all the possible Constituency Codes have been selected on the Alumni Codes tab

  3. Confirm the Primary Alumni information checkbox is marked on the records

  4. Confirm the education record has Class Of indicated

  5. If constituents who left instead of graduating should be included, confirm the Include students who left checkbox is marked on Format tab of the report

  6. The gift must be entered on the record of constituents who are marked Alumni

    • If this is not possible, consider soft crediting the spouse for joint gifts:
      On the General tab of the report, select the Credited to Both option for Soft Credits; this will pull the constituent with the Alumni constituency code into the report

  7. Confirm none of the attributes selected for exclusion on the Attributes tab of the report are present on the constituent's record

  8. On the Format tab, highlight the Details option and confirm the Include non-givers checkbox is marked

  9. Recreate the report