Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure you are logged into the correct database. For example, ensure you are in your live database and not in the Sample database.
  2. Make sure the name is spelled correctly.
  3. Remove additional search criteria, such as category and date created.
  4. On the search screen, mark the Display inactive constituents and Display deceased constituents checkboxes.
  5. On the search screen, unmark the Exact Match Only checkbox.
    Note: If searching for an organization via the Matching Gifts tab, unmark the 'Display only matching gift companies' checkbox.
  6. If the constituent was merged, ensure you are looking for the correct constituent.
  7. If the constituent was recently added, ensure the record was saved and currently exists in the data.
  8. If searching by a query, change back to the Default query or change the query criteria to include the constituent.
  9. If the record appears when the Check spouse name option is marked, create a new constituent record and merge the old constituent record into the new record.
  10. If the record is a relationship but not a constituent, add the relationship as a constituent.
  11. If using a query to search:
    1. Open the query. In the query results, double-click the constituent. When the record is open, select File, Save and Close from the menu bar.
    2. If the query being used is a static query, refresh it.
  12. Check your user options:
    1. Select Tools, User Options from the main menu.
    2. On the Records tab, select Individuals on the left and mark the Bio 1 and Bio 2 checkboxes in the Check these tabs for data section.
    3. Select Organizations on the left and mark the Org 1 and Org 2 checkboxes in the Check these tabs for data section.
  13. If the constituent appears after saving the record, force a save to all constituent records by:
    1. Create a new constituent attribute. For ease of data entry, use Yes/No as the data type.
    2. Globally add this attribute to all records in the database. Note: Do not select a query.
    3. Globally delete the attribute, again, not using a query.
    4. Delete the attribute from Configuration.
  14. If the problem only affects one workstation, uninstall and reinstall that workstation.
  15. Download and run the Create Preferred Address plug-in.