Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Verify the correct bank is selected
  2. Filter the bank register on the specific check number [Version 7]  
    Note: Make sure no other filters are applied to the bank register
  3. Verify the check exists on the Invoice:
    1. Open the Vendor record and select the Activity tab.
    2. Open the invoice and select the Payments\Credits tab.
    3. Make sure that the check number for which you are searching is the check number used for that Invoice.
    4. Select the GL Distribution tab of the Invoice.
    5. Check the bank account listed for that check, ensure you are searching for the check in the correct bank account.
  4. If the check process was interrupted and the check is visible on the invoice but not in the bank and checks need to be reprinted:
    1. Void, purge and recreate the checks
  5. If the check is not listed on the invoice, reprint the check: Note: To get the check numbers to match, it may be necessary to change the starting check numbers [Accounts Payable 7]   .
    1. In Print Checks, select the same criteria as when the checks were originally printed.
    2. Print the checks to blank paper.
    3. Leave the checkbox for successful marked and click OK.
      Enter the checks as manual checks  [Accounts Payable 7]   .