NOTE:  These steps are specific to versions 7.86 of The Financial Edge and lower.  In version 7.87 and higher, Aatrx will be used to create and re-print your 1099s. You can see your version by selecting Help>> About The Financial Edge at the top of your screen.

1. Open the 1099 form parameters

2. Select the General tab

3. Select one of the print options from the 1096 Summary drop-down menu

4. Click Preview

5. The 1096 form appears with the 1099 forms.  

6. Click the print icon from the menu bar.

7. On the print screen, click the radio button to print pages from 1 to 1.

To file 1099s electronically, manually create the magnetic media file to ensure compatibility with new IRS regulations. According to IRS guidelines, you must file 1099s electronically or magnetically if you have more than 250 returns.