Try the following in order until the issue is resolved:

  1.  Verify the check or deposit has a status of Outstanding
    1. In Banks, click Open Register
    2. Find the check or deposit in question and review the Status column
    3. The status must be Outstanding to be included in reconciliation. Reconciled and voided items cannot be reconciled
  2. Verify the correct reconciliation date was entered
    1. On the menu bar, select Reconciliation, Go to Reconciliation Input
    2. Adjust the Statement Date
    3. Click Continue Reconciliation
  3. Verify the check date is correct
    1. If the check date is incorrect, void and purge the check [version 7] and reenter the check with the correct date
  4. Clear all filters
    1. Click Filters
    2. Click Reset Filters to Show All Transactions
    3. Click OK