1. In Batch, create a new batch and select the fields for your form.
  2. On the data entry sheet, enter a pledge.
  3. Before moving to the next line, select Gift, Installment Information from the menu bar to set up an installment schedule for the pledge.
  4. On the Pledge Installments screen, enter the number of payments and select
    the payment frequency. Click Distribute to generate the schedule.

    Pledge Installment Schedule screen
  5. Click OK.
  6. Select Gift, Add Payment to Pledge from the menu bar.
  7. Enter the pledge payment amount in Payment amount, click Auto-Distribute, and then click OK.

    Pledge(s) Paid by This Gift screen
Note: The pledge payment will not appear on your batch data sheet. You will not be able to see the pledge payment until the batch has been committed. However, the pledge payment will appear on the batch commit control report. Due to this, you are not able to enter payment information, such as check date, check number, credit card number, etc. to the pledge payment. If you need to record this information, enter the pledge and pledge payment in separate batches.