The account's Activity tab does perform a mock close from one fiscal year to the next, and is not shown until the beginning period of the next fiscal year. The ending period of a fiscal year will not include the net surplus/deficit and will not match the Balance Sheet.

    For example:
    A fund balance account's Activity tab for period 12 of 2003 with a beginning balance of $100.00 shows an ending balance of $100.00 as well.
    Assuming a net surplus/deficit of $250 for 2003, that fund balance account's Activity tab for period 1 of 2004 shows a beginning balance of $350.00, which includes the net surplus/deficit of $250.00 from 2003.

    The Balance Sheet and other Financial Statements perform a mock close each time they are run, moving all net surplus/deficit information to their respective fund balance accounts. This can result in a different balance on the report than the detail on the account Activity tab, depending on the fiscal period for which the activity is being viewed.

    Additional reasons why the Balance Sheet would not match the Account Activity:
    •  Ensure the report parameters are not set to include Not Yet Posted transactions. The Account Activity only shows posted transactions.
    • The Report is showing a total account code balance, summarizing the activity for more than one single account:
    • The Total Liabilities and Fund Balance includes the Net Surplus Deficit and also shows the Net Surplus Deficit Total after this amount.
    • On the account Activity tab, Net Surplus/Deficit is not included in the ending balance, it is calculated and added beginning balance of the next year. The Net Surplus/Deficit is not included the Activity, only in the beginning balance. Net Surplus/Deficit is always included on a Balance Sheet.