Review each of the following to delete the value from records:
  • Find gifts in a Gift query with the following filter: Packages > Package Description (or ID) equals <value>
  • Find assigned appeals in a Constituent query with the following filter:  Assigned Appeals > Packages > Package ID (or Package Description) equals <value>
  • Review any uncommitted batches. Remove value from batch entry and from batch defaults.
  • If needed, download the Previous Gift Split Information plug-in to find gifts with the package in previous adjustments. Only the post-adjustment package appears on the record in the query, but the pack can still be present on the record. (Look for Package on the split gift tab of the Adjustment record.) 
If each of these steps has been completed, complete the following to delete the Package: 

1. Go to Records> Appeals
2. Open the Appeal that contains the Package to be deleted
3. Select the Packages tab
4. Open the Package
5. Mark the Package is Inactive checkbox
6. Click Save and Close