Note: To post, rights must be granted to Administration in the appropriate module
  1. In Administration, click Post to General Ledger.
    Note: You can also select Post to General Ledger from each of the following: Accounts Payable Processing, Fixed Assets Processing, Accounts Receivable Processing, Cash Receipts Processing, Student Billing Processing, or Payroll Processing.
  2. Click New Post Parameter
  3. Select the General Tab and choose the appropriate journal code; also ensure the journal reference is correct.
  4. Select the Filters tab and define the posting filters, if needed.
  5. Select the Format tab and choose the appropriate Post Report parameter.
  6. Click Validate to validate the batch, and verify the information is correct.
  7. If the information is not correct edit the appropriate records. If the information is correct, but we don't want to post all of it yet, change the Filters tab.
  8. Once the information has been verified, click Post.

Note: Posted activity cannot be unposted. The only way to unpost transactions that have been posted to General Ledger is to restore to a backup of your data from before the posting process.

All subsidiary ledgers and Journal Entry Batches can also be posted from the General Ledger, Administration, Post option

Single Batches can be posted in General Ledger, Journal Entries. Open the Batch and select Batch, Post Batch from the top menu bar.