Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure GL account numbers are defined for all the appropriate GL Gift Types
    1. In Records, click Gifts
    2. Open the gift causing the exception
    3. On the menu bar, select View, GL Distribution
    4. On the GL Distribution screen, note the values in the GL Gift Type column
    5. Click Close
    6. Ensure the correct GL accounts are assigned on the fund, including accounts for the GL Gift Type(s) noted in step 4. For example:
      • If the gifts to be posted are cash gifts linked to a membership, the GL Gift Type on the GL Distribution screen of the gift is Membership Dues Cash. Ensure this GL Gift Type on the fund has a debit and credit account number.
      • If posting a pledge, ensure GL account numbers are specified for both the Pledge Current and Pledge Future GL Gift Types.
      • If posting a stock gift, ensure the following GL Gift Types have debit and credit account numbers on the fund: unsold stock/property, sale stock/property, stock/property gain, stock/property loss and stock/property broker fee.
    • Ensure the account numbers on the GL Distributions tab of the fund are valid
      • On the GL Distributions tab of the fund, mark the Show descriptions checkbox. If the account number is invalid, no description displays.
      • If new accounts were created in The Financial Edge, run the Update Accounts plug-in in General Ledger
      • Create a query of inactive accounts in The Financial Edge to ensure no inactive accounts are assigned to the fund in The Raiser's Edge