Note: Support for Accounting for Nonprofits 6 ended December 31, 2007. Support for Student Billing 6 and Payroll 6 with The Financial Edge ended September 30, 2008. The Financial Edge, version 7 of our accounting software, is a benefit of your Blackbaud maintenance plan. We offer several customizable options to help you convert to The Financial Edge. Please contact your account manager.


  1. In Vendors, open the Vendor record and select the GL Distribution tab
  2. Click Delete All at the bottom of the tab screen to remove the current account distribution. To delete only one row select the entire row and press the Delete key 
  3. Enter the new distribution or leave blank if no default distribution is desired
  4. Save and close the Vendor record

NOTE: Changing the default distribution will only affect invoices created after the change. It will not update invoices already created.