If you do not currently have the EFT optional module, contact your account manager for purchasing information.

How to configure EFT:

  1. On the Raiser's Edge bar, click Config and then click General.
  2. Enter the Immediate Destination, which is the nine-digit ABA (American Banking Association) Transit Routing Number. Obtain this number from your financial institution. The last number of the Transit/Routing Number is a check digit that The Raiser's Edge will calculate and put in the transmission file when it is created. Therefore, you only need to enter the first 8 digits.
  3. In the Company ID frame, enter your organization's Federal Tax ID or a user-defined ID.
  4. Click Config on the Raiser's Edge bar and click Financial Institutions.
  5. Click New Financial Institution. The following screen appears:
  6. Enter the bank name and branch where funds will be deposited.
  7. Enter the bank's addresses and phone numbers.
  8. If this is the bank to which the funds will be deposited, mark the Sponsoring Bank checkbox.
  9. Enter the account name (e.g., checking account or savings account) and number.
  10. Enter the user number. Your bank may refer to this number as the Originator ID.
  11. Enter the transit/routing number and an immediate origin, if different. Your bank will supply these numbers.
Set your Batch Options:
  1. On the Raiser's Edge bar, click Config and then Business Rules
  2. Select Batch options on the left
  3. Under Process credit cards and ACH gift through use the drop down to select ICVerify or BBMS/Other.  (if using Blackbaud Merchant Service, you will select BBMS/Other)

How to set Security for EFT:

You may establish specific user rights for accessing EFT records:

  1. On the Raiser's Edge bar, click Admin and then click Security.
  2. Create a new group or edit an existing one by selecting the group and clicking Open.
  3. Additional EFT security rights are in Batch. Highlight Batch and click Options. Under Batch Types, highlight Gift. Under Batch Privileges, select the appropriate rights for the security group.

How to set EFT User Options:

  1. Select Tools, User Options from the menu bar.
  2. On the Batch tab, select EFT options from the tree view. Mark the Allow multiple EFT transactions per pledge or recurring gift checkbox.
  3. On the File Locations tab, browse to the location of the ICVerify Data Path and enter the ICVerify Station ID.

    Note: This option is only available when using ICVerify to process EFT gifts.

How to add an EFT gift record:

Whether adding an EFT record through Batch or Records, specific information must be present on the donor's constituent record.

If the donor will pay by direct debit, first ensure the bank information is on the record:

  1. Click Bank on the Bio 1 tab.
  2. Click the binoculars in the Financial Institution field to select the bank name.
  3. Enter the account number and type. If the donor will pay by credit card, ensure the credit card information is on the record.
  4. On the Bio 2 tab, fill out the necessary credit card information.

How to add a Direct Debit EFT or Credit Card EFT gift from Records:

  1. Open the donor's record and select the Gifts tab.
  2. Click New Gift.
  3. Select the appropriate gift type:
    • Use Cash for a one-time gift that is paid electronically by credit card or direct debit.
    • Use Pledge when the electronic gift will be paid in installments by credit card or direct debit.
    • Use Recurring Gift when the donor indicates he will give a specific amount on a schedule. Again, these donations can be paid by credit card or direct debit.
  4. For pledge or recurring gifts, click Schedule to define the gift's payment schedule.
  5. In the Pay method field, select Direct Debit or Credit Card.
  6. Mark the EFT? checkbox and enter the appropriate bank or credit card information.
  7. Click OK and save the new EFT gift.

How to add pledge or recurring EFT gift records in Batch:
To process the actual credit or debit card payments, refer to How to process credit cards and direct debits within The Raiser's Edge.

  1. On the Raiser's Edge bar, select Batch.
  2. Click New Gift Batch.
  3. On the Fields tab, select the following fields to add new EFT records with a pay method of credit card or direct debit. You can add other fields as needed.
    • Constituent Name
    • Amount
    • Date
    • Type
    • Fund
    • GL post date
    • GL post status
    • Pay method
    • Bank
    • Authorization code
    • Credit Type
    • Expires On
    • Credit Card Number
    • EFT?
  4. After selecting the necessary fields, click Next to add default values for these fields.
  5. Click Data Entry to begin adding gifts.
  6. Click Installments Schedule or select Gift, Installment Information from the menu bar to set up a payment schedule.
  7. Commit the batch.