In The Raiser's Edge 7, you can email a constituent directly from his record or email a group of constituents through Administration.

Your email program must be MAPI compliant to interface with The Raiser's Edge 7. MAPI, Message Application Programming Interface, is a system built into Microsoft Windows that enables different email applications to work together to distribute mail. Check with your systems administrator to ensure your email program is MAPI compliant. If you have multiple email programs, The Raiser's Edge 7 uses the default program defined in your Windows settings. To change this, click Start and select Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options. On the Programs tab, select the default email program.

To email a constituent, an email phone type must be listed in the phone grid on the constituent's record. Ensure the phone type is configured as an email address. Select Email Address as the Phone number type when adding the table entry.

Send an Email from a Constituent Record
  1. Open the record of the constituent you want to email.
  2. Select Constituent, Send Email from the menu bar. You may also click the gray button to the left of the email type to highlight the email address, and then right-click the gray button and select Send Email.
  3. The email message screen appears. Enter the subject and the email message, and click Send.

Send an Email to a Group of Constituents
  1. In Administration, select Globally Add Records.
  2. In the Add field, select Email.
  3. Click Include to select All or Selected constituents.
  4. Select One email to each constituent to have the email display only the individual constituent's name in the "To" line or One email to group to display every constituent's name in the "To" line.
  5. Mark the Create exception query checkbox to create a query of the constituents to whom the email is not sent.
  6. You may also preview or print a Control Report.
    Note: You must select One email to group to send an email attachment.
  7. The Global Add feature allows you to send an email message when adding an appeal or action to constituent records. You can send an appeal via email to your constituents to save paper and postage cost while adding the appeal to the records at the same time.
  8. After you slect the appeal information, click Enter Email Now. Compose the email message and click Send Now.