For event tracking, we recommend purchasing Events.  This allows the tracking of seating arrangements, sponsors, registrants, expenses, etc.  It also allows you to run event-specific reports.

Email for more information on the Events module.


Without the Events module, you can track the event as an appeal and whether a constituent attended as an attribute on the appeal or constituent records.  Use Event as the attribute category, Attended or Participated as the description, and the date as a comment.


Another option is to add an action type of Event and an action attribute for the events and let each event be a table entry for that attribute.


Note: If tracking events using attributes or actions, you will not have full tracking, planning, nor reporting capabilities that are available with Events.  For example, you are unable to report on appeal attributes unless you create your own custom report.


To ask others in the nonprofit community how they track events, pose your question to the Community