Admins follow these steps to invite a user to access Blackbaud support, training, and community: 
  1.  Log into  and select the three horizontal lines from the solution menu on the left, then select Admin.
  1. From Users and admins, select Add user.
  1. Enter the name and email address.
  1. Click Send Invite.

The new user will need to accept and confirm their Blackbaud ID account:
  1. In the invitation email, click the link to Accept Invitation.
    • Note: If you're already logged in with a different Blackbaud ID, use a different browser or incognito window to accept the invitation.
  1. In the Sign-in window, click the link to Create a new Blackbaud ID.
  1. Enter email and other required information for the new Blackbaud ID. 
  2. A confirmation will be sent. In the confirmation email, click the Confirm Email link. 
  1. You'll be prompted to link your newly-created Blackbaud ID to this organization. If the organization and Blackbaud ID are correct, click Use this ID.
  1. Receive a message that your email was successfully confirmed. Click the link to sign in with your Blackbaud ID.