3. Go to Admin, Import, Event, Participant and click New
4. Select to Import New Records
5. Select to Validate data only
6. Include your import file and select to use the Import ID to identify existing constituents
7. On the Fields tab, make sure every Field to import has an associated The Raiser's Edge field value
8. On the Summary tab, select to create a control report and any other appropriate selection
9. Click Validate Now
10. Once there are no exceptions and you feel comfortable with your import file, go back to the General tab, uncheck 'Validate Data Only', and click 'Import Now'


If you are new to importing, you may want to take a look at the following Knowledgebase solution: How to import in The Raiser's Edge - The Basics of Importing

1. Create a new CSV file.
2. Utilize the below headers:

EventID: This can be found by going to the Event Record and selecting File->Properties. The field to be used in the import file is Event ID
ImportID: This is the ImportID of the existing constituent record in the database.
RegImpID: This is the Event Participant Import ID. If the constituent is not already a participant for this event, it can be left blank.
RegKeyInd: Can be left blank if the constituent is already a constituent in the database. If they are not a constituent in the database, the field will need to be populated with I or O (Individual or Organization)
REGType: Populate with Sponsor.