The constituent on a gift can not be changed. However, the following workarounds allow users to copy the gift information from the incorrect constituent record to the correct constituent record:  
  • Export/import the gift
    1. Create a gift query of the gifts to change.
    2. Export the gift information by either creating a Gift import file in Admin or exporting through the Export module
    3. Select at least the following fields and any additional fields that are populated with information that needs to be listed on new gifts 
      • Constituent Import ID (ImportID)* 
      • Gift Import ID (GFImpID) 
      • Date (GFDate) 
      • Campaign (CampID) 
      • Fund (FundID) 
      • Amount (GFTAmt) 
      • Type (GFType) 
    4. Remove the Constituent and Gift Import IDs in the file. Replace the Constituent Import ID with the information for the second constituent 
    5. Import the gift as a new record for the second constituent
    6. Delete the gift from the first constituent record
  • Add/delete the gift
    1. Manually add the gift to the second constituent with the same information
    2. Delete the gift from the first constituent's record
  • Merge the gift in Administration
    1. Use the Merge Constituents feature to copy the Gift records from one Constituent to another.
    2. Do not mark the Delete source constituent checkbox.  

      Note: This method does not maintain a copy of the gift on the source constituent