To view the Date Last Changed and Last Changed by information, open the appropriate record and click the Properties button on the action bar. For example, to see who last changed a gift, open the gift and click Properties. These fields are updated whenever a change is made to the record including changes made through Globally Change Records and Import.

Note: Clicking the Properties button on a constituent record displays the Date Last Changed field and Last Changed by for the constituent record. This field is updated with changes to the constituent's:

    • Biographical information (Bio 1 and Bio 2 tabs)
    • Addresses (Note: The Date Last Changed and Last Changed By fields for the addresses are updated when you save the constituent record, not when you save the address.)
    • Attributes
    • Volunteer information
    • Prospect information
    • Membership
    • Spouse information
    • Notes
    • Constituent Appeals
    • Addressee/Salutations
    • Media
    • Honor/Memorial information
    • Annotations

    Because actions, alumni, relationships, gifts, and events are considered their own records, the constituent's Date Last Changed and Last Changed by fields are not updated by these changes.