1. Select Records>Constituents.
  2. Open the constituent record of the surviving relation.
  3. On the Relationships tab, open the appropriate relationship.
  4. Select the General 2 tab.
  5. On the General 2 tab:
    • If the Deceased checkbox is not grayed out (i.e. the relationship is a nonconstituent), mark the Deceased checkbox and click Save and Close.
    • If the Deceased checkbox is grayed out (i.e. the relationship is a constituent), select Relationship, Go to [Name] to open the constituent record. Mark the constituent as deceased.
  6. If the relationship was the constituent's spouse and you don't want to include the deceased spouse's name in mailings, select the Addressees/Salutations tab on the surviving spouse's constituent record and select addressees and salutations that  do not include the deceased spouse's information.
  7. Click Save and Close on the surviving relation's constituent record.