Faculty Access for the Web is an optional module that provides a school with a Faculty Gradebook that interacts with the Registrar's Office database to create class gradebooks with class rosters, student information, and Marking Columns already setup.

No file setup is required by an Administrator to create the gradebooks and no exports or imports are needed to update files or enter grades. The Administrator just has to complete the scheduling process for the next year and grant Faculty Access Users access to the Academic Year and teachers are ready to enter grades.

With Faculty Access for the Web, teachers can set up online gradebooks to enter daily assignment grades and comments, as well as marking column grades, comments, and skill ratings

Teachers can also enter attendance, view basic student biographical information and contact information for students' relations, and run grade reports online

Faculty Access for the Web automatically displays academic years, marking columns, and the teachers' scheduled classes and students from Registrar's Office

Teachers can define categories of assignments, create assignments, and enter assignment grades and comments. If teachers do not set up categories and assignments, they can still enter marking column grades, comments, and skill ratings for their classes.

Teachers do not need to install Registrar's Office on their workstations to use Faculty Access for the Web:

  • When a teacher saves grades in Faculty Access for the Web, the grades are saved to a separate table in the Registrar's Office database but are not posted to Grades. At the end of each marking period, teachers can designate that their marking column grades, comments, and skill ratings are ready to be posted to Grades in Registrar's Office.

    The administrator then runs the Post from Web utility in Utilities and Housekeeping in Registrar's Office to transfer the marking column grades, comments, and skill ratings to Grades

  • When a teacher saves attendance in Faculty Access for the Web, the attendance information saves directly to Attendance in Registrar's Office

Teachers are also able to define Grading Scales, Calculations, Categories, and Assignments to help determine a student's grade, providing the basic functionality of a gradebook program. Using this setup, teachers can determine Marking Column Grades based on Assignments completed, and can compare their gradebook values to those values in Registrar's Office.

Teachers can run reports to determine a student's progress in a class and determine what students are missing Assignments.

Supervisors can control each teacher's gradebook by restricting the Grading Scales and Calculations the teachers can use. They also control what Academic Years teachers can view and enter in Announcements to display on the teachers' Home pages.

To view a demonstration of Faculty Access for the Web, contact your account manager or email us at solutions@blackbaud.com.

For complete information about Faculty Access for the Web, refer to the documentation: