The Supervisor user name is the 'master' login. It allows you to perform any function and view all records in the program. The Supervisor password is defaulted to admin when the software is shipped. We recommend changing this immediately because this is the default Supervisor password for all organizations with Blackbaud software. For instructions, refer to What is the default Supervisor password and how to change the Supervisor password (BB12931).

A user with supervisor rights is also able to perform any function and view all records in the program including resetting the supervisor password. When making changes to a record or creating parameters (for reports, etc.), the user displays with the actual user name. If the same changes are made or parameters are created under the Supervisor password, it shows as Supervisor. This makes it hard to track which user did what, so we recommend using a user name with Supervisor rights when possible rather than the Supervisor password.

EXCEPTION:  In The Raiser's Edge version 7.91 and higher, a user MUST log in under the Supervisor account itself -- not just an account with supervisor rights -- to view or change BBPS credentials.