Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

Download and run the ImportPhotos.exe plug-in, which imports student photos from a file based in a CSV layout. The plug-in is compatible with The Education Edge 7.30.445 and higher.

The images must be in one of the following formats to be imported into The Education Edge:


Note: Print and read all of the following instructions before running the plug-in.

To create the import file:

  1. On The Education Edge navigation bar, select Export
  2. Create a student export  
  3. On the Filters tab, select to export the students for which to add photos. To import photos for all students, leave the Filters set to All.
  4. On the Output tab, select the following fields in this order:
    • Student, System Record ID
    • Student, Student Name
    • Export the file in .CSV format.
    • Add a third column to the spreadsheet and give the column a general header(e.g. Path), so you can list the location of each student's photo file.

      Note: The order of the columns must be System Record ID, Student Name, file path to the photo. The file should not contain any additional columns. The headers for the first two columns must be StsSt_System_ID and StsSt_Studentname. The file name cannot contain spaces, commas, or special characters. 
    • Save the file.
    Note: If Blackbaud hosts your data, you can either place your photos in a folder on the C drive of your workstation, or upload the photos to your files folder. FileZilla can be used as a faster way to upload multiple photos to the files folder. Depending on the number of photos you need to upload, you may need to request a temporary increase in your files folder size limit. The file path will vary based on your designated datacenter.

    To run the plug-in:

    Note: If Blackbaud hosts your data you will not need to download and run this Plug-In. It will already be installed on your machine in machine. From the navigation bar, select Plugins > ImportPhotos

    1. Log in to the workstation as a Local Administrator
       Note: If you are hosted, the plug-in will already be installed in your database.
    2. Download ImportPhotos.exe
    3. Save ImportPhotos.exe to the local hard drive of any Education Edge workstation.
    4. Double-click ImportPhotos.exe
    5. When prompted, unzip the files into the \Financial Edge\Plugins folder on the workstation. ImportPhotos.exe is a self-extracting zip file that contains the plug-in files: docEEImportPhotos.vbd and EEImportPhotos.dll
    6. Register EEImportPhotos.dll on the workstation 
    7. Have all other users Exit and sign out of the Education Edge
    8. Log into The Education Edge
    9. Click Plug-Ins from The Education Edge navigation bar
    10. Click Import Applicant/Student Photos
    11. Follow the prompts to run the Plug-in

    To view the photo, open the student record and click the Photo button on the toolbar or select Student, Photo from the menu bar.

    Please Note which path to use according to where the Files are located: 

    If you are not hosted, you will use the file path where the spreadsheet is located. For example:

    If you are hosted and you have placed your files directly on your C drive, you will use the following file path:

    If you have uploaded your files to the files folder, you will use one of the following datacenter file paths:
    Boston: \\bbhfs01\SiteID$\
    Orange County: \\bbh01fs01\SiteID$\
    Vancouver: \\yvr-files\SiteID$\

    If you have placed your photos in a folder on your C drive, the file path would be: \\Client\C$\NameofFolder\NameofPicture.jpg
    If you are hosted at the Boston datacenter and your Site ID is 12345, the file path would be: \\bbhfs01\12345$\Photo123.JPG
    If you upload the photo to a subfolder in your files folder called "Photos", the file path would be: \\bbhfs01\12345$\Photos\Photo123.JPG

    Note: To add photos individually, refer to How to add pictures of students