NOTE: This solution does not apply to Hosted environments as this feature cannot be used

  1. Create a new folder in Windows Explorer or add the document to your desktop.
  2. Place the files or shortcuts to be added into this folder.
    Note: To create a shortcut to a Web page, right-click the desktop, and select New, Shortcut. Copy and paste the entire URL in the Command line (e.g., Click Next, enter the shortcut name, and click Finish.
  3. In your education or financial software, click Home on the navigation bar.
  4. Drag the folder onto the home page:
    • Click Restore Down in the upper-right hand corner of the screen (the middle button between Minimize and Close). This reduces the size of the EE/ FEprogram window.
    • Click and drag the blue bar at the top of the program so that you can see the shortcut on the desktop.
    • Click and drag the folder where the shortcut  is located from your desktop to an empty spot on the home page (the document or folder will open in the shell)
  5. Select Favorites, Add Page to Favorites from the menu bar.
  6. Enter an appropriate Name and Description (Description is optional).
  7. Select the appropriate location for the shortcut from the Create In drop-down menu. This can be in the Favorites menu, any product's Home Page, or the Navigation Bar.
    Note: To organize favorites, create folders within Favorites. Click New Folder in the Favorite window.
  8. Click OK.
  9. To move the shortcuts to another location, repeat steps 4-7 and select the new location from the Move To drop-down menu.

Note: The folder on the start menu can be dragged into the homepage on most operating systems. You can also drag shortcuts that exist in your Internet Explorer favorites directly to the homepage.