Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

According to the Postal Addressing Standards Publication 28 (734 KB), "standardized address information enhances the processing and delivery of mail, reduces undeliverable-as-addressed mail, and provides mutual cost reduction opportunities through improved efficiency."

Whether you need to qualify for certain postal discounts or just need consistency in your mailings, you can easily standardize street suffixes (e.g., avenue, street, drive) and secondary unit designators (e.g., suite, floor) in Administration.


Standardize street abbreviations by globally changing them.


1.  First, create and save static constituent queries to find constituents whose addresses contain the street names you want to standardize.


2.  In Administration, click Globally Change Records, highlight Constituent, and click New Change. On the Global Change screen, click Include, select Selected Constituents, and select one of the queries you created. In the Available Fields box, highlight Address lines, found under the All Addresses section, and click Select.


3.  On the Edit Change Parameters screen, select Partial replace as the operation, enter Avenue as the value to partially replace, and enter Ave. in the With field.

Note: Partial Replace searches for records containing the selected value. To make the search case sensitive (i.e., to search only for "South" and not "south"), mark the Match case checkbox. The Use pattern matching checkbox allows you to enter a question mark (?) as a substitute for a single character or an asterisk (*) as a substitute for any number of characters to locate records. When you mark the Find whole words only checkbox, the search includes entire words only, not parts of larger words.

4.Click OK. Mark the Create Control Report checkbox, and click Change Now.