Your organization's mailings are typically one of the first impressions you make on your constituents.  Therefore, formatting their addressees and salutations correctly in The Raiser's Edge is very important. Taking the time to use the names your constituents prefer shows you respect them and consider their preferences important.

The addressee is the format of the name in the address block on the letter.  The salutation is the format of the name you want to use in your greeting. Addressees and salutations you can select on the Addressees/Salutations tab on constituents'  records are based on the templates you created in Configuration.  These templates are combinations of name fields, such as Title 1, First Name, and Last Name.


For more information, refer to
How to add addressee/salutation (BB26317).


Occasionally, one of your donors may request you use an addressee or salutation that you have not defined in Configuration or that requires information not available in Configuration. In these cases, you can edit the addressee on the Addressees/Salutations tab of the constituent's record. Simply mark the Editable checkbox adjacent to the address you want to change and type the value in the addressee field.


To learn more about using addressees and salutations in The Raiser's Edge 7, refer to the Constituent Data Entry Guide (PDF).