• Constituent window settings are specific to each user name.  Once a user defines fields, each batch he creates will show the same fields in the constituent window.
  • If the appropriate field is not available when defining constituent fields, open the constituent record from the batch to update it.
  • By default, the Last Name field (for individual records) or Org Name (for organization records) is required to create a new constituent record. If any other fields are marked required, when creating new constituents from a gift batch the actual constituent record will appear. 

To use the constituent window:
  1. Define the constituent fields
    1. Select Constituent, Define Constituent Fields from the batch's menu bar (View, Define Constituent Fields in version 6)
    2. Under Available Fields, highlight the fields to include and click Select to move them into the Data Entry Fields grid
    3. Select default values as needed (version 7 only)
    4. Click OK
    5. Select View, Constituent Window from the menu bar
    6. The constituent window appears to the right of the data entry sheet and the field values correspond to the active gift row.

      Constituent Window

  2. Add the gift in a gift batch.
    • When adding a gift for a new constituent:
      1. Enter the constituents name in the batch and tab to the next row
      2. In the Open constituent window, click Add new and select individual or organization
      3. Click OK through the warning that the record has no address as you are just about to enter the address.
      4. Add the donor's biographical information in the constituent window
      5. Tab to the next gift row and enter the gift information. The new constituent is immediately added to the database.  
    • When adding gifts for existing constituents, use the constituent window to make updates. For example, if the address on the check is new, make the change in Batch, without opening the constituent record separately.

To open the constituent record to edit it:

  1. In the batch data entry screen, place the cursor in the Constituent Name column of the constituent to open. Enter the constituent name if it is not already entered.
  2. Click the Go to icon (right arrow) or right-click and select Go To, Constituent.
To View or Hide the constituent window in batch:
1. Click View at the top of the batch
2. Select Constituent Window