To create a simple constituent merge letter including only addressee, salutation, and preferred address:

  1. In Records, Constituents, open the appropriate constituent record
  2. Select Letter, Write a Letter from the constituent's menu bar. A new merge letter automatically opens in Microsoft Word.

To create a new merge letter including additional merge fields: 

  1. In Records, Constituents, open the appropriate constituent record

    Note: If printing an action letter or gift letter, open the appropriate appropriate action and follow the same steps.

  2. With the record open, select Letter, Create a New Letter Format from the menu bar. The New Letter screen appears.
  3. Click the binoculars to associate the new letter with an existing Blackbaud Word Merge Export:


  4. Or click the new icon to add a new Blackbaud Word Merge export:

    New Blackbaud Word Merge Export

 Also refer to How to create or set up letters in Configuration.

If you're using an existing merge document that was created outside of The Raiser's Edge: 

Note: These instructions only apply to constituent, gift, and action letters.

  1. In The Raiser's Edge, click Config on the navigation bar and select Letters
  2. Highlight the appropriate letter type (Gift, Action, or Constituent) and click New Letter
  3. Select Letter, Classic View from the menu bar
  4. Type the letter description
  5. Browse to the Word document in the File name field. The Raiser's Edge automatically bring in the Merge Document Fields.
  6. Highlight the first row under Letter Document Fields
  7. Select the corresponding field in The Raiser's Edge by double-clicking it under Available Fields
  8. Repeat for each field listed in Merge Document Fields
  9. Click Save and Close

 Note: You must set up the mask document in Word and add the document in The Raiser's Edge for every document you will merge from the Letter menu.