Note: Support for Admissions and Registrar's Office 6 ends December 31, 2008. The Education Edge, version 7 of our school management software, is a benefit of your Blackbaud maintenance plan. We offer several customizable options to help you convert to The Education Edge. Please contact your account manager.

  1. Right-click on the course field to be suppressed

  2. Select Format Field...

  3. Click the X+2 button across from the first Suppress option to create a formula to conditionally suppress the course field.

  4. Check for errors

    For example, to suppress the course if the semester 2 grade is blank or it equals W (for withdrawn), enter the formula listed below.

      isnull ({Grades.Semester2_G}) OR {Grades.Semester2_G} = "W"

      To suppress the course if more than one marking column grade is blank, enter the formula listed below.

        isnull ({Grades.Semester2_G}) and isnull ({Grades.Semester1_G})